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Who Else Wants to Learn About Career Essay Samples?

Who Else Wants to Learn About Career Essay Samples? Career Essay Samples at a Glance There are times that you do your best and even then you're not able to score well in your home tasks. My most important personal purpose is to supply a positive home environment for my loved ones. Our trained experts will finish a thorough examination of your house and existing plumbing difficulties, supplying you with a complete, full estimate on the work needed to repipe your house. If you reside in a house which has been built more than 25 decades past, there's an excellent probability that the water pipes in your house are made from galvanized material. It would be far more troublesome to achieve your goals without the support from others. At precisely the same time, you may also look into short-term objectives. It's vital to clearly define your career goal so you may develop a productive action program. As soon as you have clarified your short-term targets, you can start to tailor you r resume and job-search efforts to land the correct prospect. Nobody is likely to hold you to what you place in your essay, but it's important to consider through and convey your plan. If you are confronted with this kind of a question, be sure you leave enough room to write knowledgeably and enthusiastically about that particular program. If it's the very first time you're likely to use our article writing service, you most likely have a great deal of questions. By clicking on your house button it is possible to observe the stream area. The most frequently encountered paper writing service that the bulk of our clients require is essay writing. You may write the introduction after you've written everything else to make sure that it frames the remainder of your essay properly. As soon as you inform us about all of the paper information, we'll begin searching for an appropriate writer for your paper. Then the ideal approach is place a request I want to acquire essay papers w ritten. The Foolproof Career Essay Samples Strategy A career essay describes your targets, reveals your nature and projects a feeling of purpose. In case you had to compose an informational essay about soccer, there are lots of ways in which you could open a small story about it. As you find out more about the planet, it is possible to want various things. The greater part of countries throughout the world are using Spanish as their official language. One effective method to commence an MBA career goals essay is to start with a very clear overview of short-term and long-term career objectives. The first thing you should do before you get started planning your essay on career targets and aspirations is to ask yourself a couple questions. Some have career objectives and a few have ordinary job objectives and others have school or academic objectives. When it has to do with setting your career objectives, it is vital to write them down. Career goal is something which every one ought to be setting no matter what career everybody is choosing. As soon as it's certainly true that admissions committees wish to understand what you've accomplished thus far, it's because they are attempting to evaluate your upcoming promise your potential. You have to convince the admissions committee that you are only getting started and you will achieve even greater things later on! Most Noticeable Career Essay Samples You might think it isn't so required. Select a career field you're interested in. By all means, you can pick career path in any field at which you can and wish to work, however it's vital that you understand which career path can help you achieve self-realization. By pursuing the next educational targets, students ought to be progressing towards the route of fulfilling one's potentials. You may have a look at them and think of what you're able to take or omit to create your own document shine. Our writers always create unique content that's absolute ly free from all grammatical error. Frequently you can find sample content to assist you understand the way your content should look. In addition, there are sites that let you to pick a writing professional to help you in perfecting your content for a very affordable pace. The Hidden Gem of Career Essay Samples MBA essays can be difficult to write, but they are among the most significant pieces of the MBA application procedure. For your college scholarship essay, you might be asked about your career objectives. Making the choice to begin a career in nursing isn't one to go into lightly. Academic papers can't contain any signals of plagiarism. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Career Essay Samples You could use a single paragraph to discuss your short-term objectives and another to chat about your long-term targets. You can also get in touch with your writer to supply some additional recommendations or request information regarding the order's progress. At the close of the paragraph, consider discussing how your short-term goals will be able to help you reach your long-term goals For the fourth paragraph, it is an awesome concept to center on your long-term objectives and the impact that you hope to have on society. The revisions are unquestionably free! Who Else Wants to Learn About Career Essay Samples? The objective of the Dental Public Health Residency program is to give dentists with training in the general public health and dental public wellness and prepare. Consequently, MBA programs want to get future leaders that have a strong desire to earn a positive effects on earth. Education is occasionally occurring below the direction of educators.

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Essay about What Effects the Death Penalty Causes to Society

What effects Death Punishment causes to society? My first instinct about the topic as a part of the society was â€Å"People, who private another person of his life, should not have any right to conserve his own life either†. Putting ourselves in the positions of the victims, the families’ victims and the fear caused to` society in general. Death punishment, gives closure to the people involved with the tragedy. It helps to the overpopulation problem in the prison system, instead keeping an intern 25 years or more. Finally, people who received the death punishment usually are not able to be rehabilitated. If these people have the opportunity they will kill, rape, and torture again. There are many factors that make murders incapable to†¦show more content†¦Thus, governments turned to these violent spectacles in order to curb criminal activities. (Hayburn, 2011). Lastly, the financial cost of death punishment is several times that keeping a person in prison for life. â€Å"Many opponents present, as fact, that the cost of the death penalty is so expensive (at least $2 million per case), that we must choose life without parole (LWOP) at a cost of $1 million for 50 years. Opponents ludicrously claim that the death penalty costs, over time, 3-10 times more than LWOP† (Sharp, 1997) My position respect Death penalty was tending to pro death. After my research my position changed based in process cost, constitutionality, morality and a better understanding about retribution. We as a part of the knowledge of law should be on both sides of the case to have a better point of view. In order, to have the right of taking the correct decision of life or death of an individual life. In conclusion, life in prison is a worse punishment than end it soon with the death penalty. Ernest Van Den Haag, PhD, in his article titled For the Death Penalty, wrote the following: Common sense tells us that the death penalty will deter murder... People fear nothing more than death. Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death... life in prison is less feared. (Van Den Haag, 1983) I disagree with Van Den Haag, life in prison it is hard, these individuals fightShow MoreRelatedThree Arguments For The Continuance of Capital Punishment Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pagesto abolish capital punish ment. There is indeed a present case as of today that one US state had declared their petition on permanently removing death penalty in the entire United States. I believe that this is a very callous appeal – one main reason we have capital punishment is to develop a sense of morality as well as protection within the whole society, not to put such great emphasis on the criminals who deteriorate the rest of civilization. Recognized to function as a restraint on committing numerousRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be Abolished1534 Words   |  7 PagesIntro The death penalty gives humans in our legal system rights to decide who deserves to live, a power only God should possess. Capital Punishment takes away our rights as equals. From its origins, the death penalty has been an inhumane, costly, ineffective, and biased form of punishment that needs to be abolished granting everyone their right to live. History of the Death Penalty Down through history, the death penalty has been adapted to be justifiable in the eyes of the people. By alteringRead MoreEssay on Capital Punishment1483 Words   |  6 Pagesthink about what will happen to them if they commit a crime, and the consequences that will follow the crime. Society has enough problems to deal with without people committing crimes, Therefore capital punishment is desperately needed. Above all else, it costs too much of hard working taxpayers’ dollars to send someone to prison. It costs a large amount of money each year to keep a person in prison. Why should we pay that much money for those who willingly inflict pain or harm with no cause or concernRead MoreCalifornias Death Penalty1667 Words   |  7 Pages ¿Californias Death Penalty? What are we mad about electricity rates, gasoline prices, traffic congestion and crowded schools? Were missing the point here. What were missing here is some good, old and honest anger about an issue that has been a concern for decades Ââ€" Californias Death Penalty. The Death Penalty has long been a problem in California from costs, deterrence, overcrowded prisons, execution of the innocent and so on. Then if were having all these problems why should we continue usingRead MorePlanning For A Correctional Agency989 Words   |  4 Pagesopportunity for me to share my opinion over death penalty. I believe that challenges for correctional administration are usually influenced by the development of new correctional philosophies. Preventing death penalty is what I speculate on the next era of correctional philosophy that will develop from the current â€Å"get tough† approach. There are certain reason why I believe this changes would need to be made to implement this new philosop hy. The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues worldwideRead MoreThe Death Penalty Should Be An Option1210 Words   |  5 Pagesquestion of whether the death penalty should be an option has often sparked heated debates between left wing liberals and right wing conservatives. Those on the left would most likely argue that capital punishment does not serve any beneficial purpose in our society. In contrast, conservatives, provided that they have no religious motives to oppose the death penalty, would likely argue that it is a necessary punishment for heinous crimes. For thousands of years the death penalty has been used as theRead More Californias Death Penalty Essay1570 Words   |  7 Pages  ¿California’s Death Penalty? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;What are we mad about electricity rates, gasoline prices, traffic congestion and crowded schools? We’re missing the point here. What were missing here is some good, old and honest anger about an issue that has been a concern for decades – California’s Death Penalty. The Death Penalty has long been a problem in California from costs, deterrence, overcrowded prisons, execution of the innocent and so on. Then if were having all these problemsRead MoreTaking a Look at the Death Penalty918 Words   |  4 PagesThe death penalty is one of the oldest punishments in the world. It has many kinds and always appeared with blood and fright in the history. As the world developing, we got stuck in a problem, that whether we should abolish the death penalty. We have many arguments about the death penalty at present. There are more than 140 countries abolished it. Also the 58 nations with 65 percent population still used it, like China, America, Japan. Many lawyers, judges, politics and scholars also have their ownRead MoreThe Death Penalty Of The United States948 Words   |  4 Pages The death penalty is a huge controversy in the United States. There are many different feelings regarding the death penalty. Some feel like it is the easy way out for people who have committed heinous acts, and others feel like it is the perfect justice for those individuals. An argument made by the website ListVerse explained, that people teach their children not to steal, or commit crimes because they will be sent to prison and punished (ListVerse). Completing their argument, the same websiteRead MoreTed Bundy And The Death Penalty1538 Words   |  7 Pagesit to be much more, nonetheless, he killed people for his own satisfaction. Did he deserve the death penalty? Did he deserve to die when he kill only almost 40 people? It may be a little too late to ask that because on January 24, 1989, he died in Florida’s electric chair as he consewue nce. Nonetheless,and as unfortunate as it it, people like bundy exist today, some yet to be discovered. The death penalty is merely retribution, not at all revenge, as they are not nearly the same. Retribution is a

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Shakespeare King Lear Paper free essay sample

By saying that, Goneril becomes a hypocrite, because she succumbs to her own lustful desires later on, when she plans to betray her husband to be Edmund’s mistress. Goneril called her father fickle (1. 1. 284), but she decided that she wanted to be with Edmund as soon as she heard that her husband, Albany, no longer supported her plots. She even kisses Edmund, and insinuates that she wants to be his mistress (4. 2. 24). Then, Goneril blames her husband, for being a â€Å"Milk-livered (cowardly) man† for having morals like a fool (4. 2. 49-57). This becomes her biggest hypocrisy when Albany finds out from the letter about Goneril’s plot to betray him, and she commits suicide. In a sense, her death spells justice, but readers can easily still feel like she got the easy way out. She realized she had lost everything, and took her own life like a coward rather than facing the consequences of her own actions. We will write a custom essay sample on Shakespeare King Lear Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The main passage is significant because it is the first time Goneril challenges King Lear. It is the first time King Lear sees Goneril’s true colors, and serves as a transition for the audience to truly begin to loathe Goneril. The evil things Goneril did already make her a bad character, but when she tries to be tricky and sly, the audience loses all sympathy for her. Her contradictions and hypocrisies dilate her immoral deeds, and Shakespeare portrays this cleverly through repetition, imagery, and word choice. These literary techniques are important because they are more powerful than directly telling the audience how wicked Goneril is; the literary tools dig deep into the audience’s subconscious and take over their emotions. The audience still needs to pay close attention to every line in order to absorb everything Shakespeare presents in his plays.

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Lab Report over Population Pyramids of Afghanistan Sample

Lab Report over Population Pyramids of Afghanistan Paper As the orals population grows, improving living standards without destroying the environment is a global challenge. Crude birth rate is the nativity or childbirths per 1,000 people per year. Total fertility rate, which is the average number of children born to each woman over the course of her life. The crude death rate, is the total number of deaths per year. The replacement fertility rate is the number of children each woman needs to have to maintain current population levels. Ireland, , also called the Republic of Ireland, has a population of approximately . Million. Its a developed country that is located in Europe. Afghanistan is an developing country located in South-Central Asia. The hypothesis is that in 2050, Afghanistans population will increase. Materials: Internet access Graphing paper Paper Pen Procedures: 1. Log onto the internet and go to http://www. Census. Gob/PC/www/dibs 2. Click on World Population information 3. Then find the estimate of the population of the worl d today. 4. After that click on data access. 5. Find the country that was assigned 6. Then click on the year 2000, and sketch the histogram. 7. Then click on the year 2025, and sketch the histogram 8. Then click on the year 2050, and sketch the histogram 9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the second country that was assigned 10. Now click on demographic indicators 11. Copy the appropriate information needed to fill in the chart for 2000 12. Repeat step 11 for the years 2025, and 2050 Histograms: (see charts) Analysis: Afghanistans population pyramids could be described as an Expansive pyramid. Each population pyramid 2000, 2025 and 2050 shows a broad base. This indicates a high proportion of children, a rapid rate of population growth, and low proportion of elderly people. The steady upwards narrowing shows that more people die at each higher age level. As for the Irelands population pyramid 2000, 2025, and 2050 is narrow at the base, wider in the middle, and stays quite wide until the very top, as there is a sizable percentage of older people. Conclusion: Afghanistans pyramids indicates a population in which there is a high birth rate, a high death rate and a short life expectancy. We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report over Population Pyramids of Afghanistan specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report over Population Pyramids of Afghanistan specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Lab Report over Population Pyramids of Afghanistan specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This is the typical pattern for less economically developed countries, due to little access to and motive to use birth control, environmental factors such as lack of clean water and poor access to health care. Net migration rate is the difference of immigrants and emigrants of an area in a period of time, divided (usually) per 1,000 inhabitants (considered on midterm population).

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Steps of the Job Application Process

Steps of the Job Application Process 1) A. A resume is a critical element of the job application process. People create and submit resumes, to provide the fullest information about themselves, their educational and professional background, as well as their job expectations and motivation to accomplish everyday workplace tasks. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Steps of the Job Application Process specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More More often than not, a well-organized, professionally written resume paves the way to becoming a prospective employee. However, as people change, so do their resumes. It goes without saying that a resume and cover letter written immediately after graduation will differ from those written 10 and 25 years later. The circumstances of application, changes in personal qualities, the desired job characteristics, increased professionalism, extensive job experience, and other internal and external factors will predetermine the content o f each resume. In the meantime, professionalism, concise and comprehensive language, and appropriate structure will remain the main commonalities for all resumes written during one’s lifetime. Constructing a resume is not an easy task. How resumes are written and presented depends on a variety of circumstances (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 245). A resume is a brief written representation of individual qualifications, job expectations, and achievements (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 245). As a result, preparing and submitting a resume is virtually the same as submitting a sales document, since resumes help individuals to sell their ability to work (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 245). No two resumes are the same. Resumes submitted by one and the same person immediately after graduation and 10-25 years later will be different, too. These differences are justified by changes in individual experiences and professionalism, changes in job expectations, as well as different circumstances of the job application case. All resumes will differ by their content: personal qualities, work experiences and special qualifications will differ, depending on the applicant’s age and the specifications of the job, for which he or she is applying. How the resume is structured may differ, too, as the rapid advancement of communication technologies is turning digital resumes into the main instrument of job application. It is possible that, in 25 years, paper resumes will become obsolete. Nevertheless, professional language will remain the defining feature of successful job application for years ahead, and resumes will have to reflect our commitment to the effective presentation of our qualities, qualifications, and achievements in various professional fields.Advertising Looking for essay on business communication? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More B. As digital communications are conquering the global business landscape, job applicants search for new ways to differentiate themselves from the pool of candidates. A thank-you note is an effective way to enhance personal interaction between employers and job applicants (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 279). Thank-you notes produce a positive impression on supervisors, clients, and co-workers (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 279). Moreover, a thank-you note is an indication of the applicant’s appreciation of the interviewer’s efforts. It is the sign of commitment to the future job, which also shows how the future employee will treat supervisors and clients (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 279). Supervisors and managers recognize that thank-you notes make a real difference in perceptions about job applicants (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 279). All other things being equal, a thank-you note gives prospective students better opportunities to find a good job. Certainly, a thank-you note must be brief and concise. A source of numerous benefits for job applicants, a thank-y ou note which is written inappropriately can become a serious impediment to obtaining the desired job. Students must remember that thank-you notes are usually short, start with the expression of recognition and gratefulness, include a brief note regarding the job and the interview, and end on a good-will note (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 279). A well-written thank-you message is an excellent expression of courtesy and gratitude, which fosters the development of productive relations between the student and the future employer. 2) A. A survey is a complex process of collecting primary information about individual and collective attitudes toward various things and phenomena, be they clothes, shoes, economic crises or nuclear weapons. However, no survey is useful, unless its results are presented in a professionally-written report. Outlining is one of the key stages of the survey process. Outlines are often created by divisions. The latter are used to divide the report into smaller parts. In case of a survey conducted to determine what styles of shoes are worn throughout the country for various occasions by men of all types, numerous division possibilities are possible. Quantity and factor divisions will serve the basis for creating a well-structured and comprehensive survey report. Outlining is one of the main stages in writing a survey report. Actually, no survey is possible without outlining the order and sequence of things in the final report. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Steps of the Job Application Process specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Outlining makes the process of drafting the survey report easy, efficient, and orderly (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 301). In case of longer reports, outlining is needed to create a relevant table of contents (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 301). Divisions exemplify one of the most effective methodological ways to create report outlines (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 303) . The general bases for these divisions include place, quantity, time, and factor (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 303). Survey reports can be organized by time, like the period of time covered by the survey or the time covering individual actions and decisions that were examined during the survey. For example, a good logical and well-structured survey will have sales changes in 2010 and 2011 presented in different chapters. In a similar vein, survey reports can be organized around place categories: it is better to present survey results from England separately from those collected in America and Europe. Quantity divisions are used, whenever it is possible to categorize all survey results by quantifiable characteristics, like the respondents’ level of income or age (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 304). If none of these divisions is suitable or appropriate, factor divisions will make it easier to develop an excellent and readable survey report format. For the survey conducted to determine what styles of shoes are worn throughout the country for various occasions by men of all types, numerous division possibilities are possible. First, quantity divisions can be used to categorize all respondents by age, the level of income, or the number of shoes they wear and change on a daily basis. Size can be also used to divide all survey information by quantity. Depending on the purpose, these survey divisions will be different. Second, time divisions are possible if the survey examines how the styles of shoes worn by men of all types change over time. The survey can be organized around time divisions presenting the styles of shoes worn by men in their adolescence compared to the styles of shoes worn by these men later in life. As long as the survey is conducted among men of all types living throughout the country, the place division can help to differentiate between individual preferences in the styles of shoes based on the respondents’ place of residence. Advertising Looking for essay on business communication? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The survey may examine the styles of shoes worn by men in the southern part of the country compared to those worn by men in its northern territories. The place division can be more specific and explore, for example, the styles of shoes worn by men in California and New Jersey. Factor divisions can help to outline the survey examining the styles of shoes worn by all types of men throughout the country. Here, occasions will serve the main division by factor. I recommend using place and factor divisions. The use of these divisions is justified by the purpose of the survey. They do not lead to redundancy. The survey is conducted among men throughout the country, and division by place could help to explore the differences in the styles of shoes worn by men in different territories. The survey explores the styles of shoes worn for various occasions, and factor divisions will enhance the quality of information presented in the survey report. 3) A. Reports are among the most frequently use d forms of business communication. Concise and well-structured, reports speed up business communication and make it easier for employees and managers to meet their performance objectives. Reports come out in a variety of types and forms. Depending on the situation, short, progress, email or letter reports can be used to improve the quality of communication in the workplace. Progress report is one of the most flexible forms of business reports. They are mostly informal, and their structure usually depends on the circumstances of the case. Nevertheless, any progress report must have a body and conclusion. This is the best way to provide the most important information in an easy-to-read format. An internal progress report is a work document, submitted on as-needed basis, created in a half-formal manner, and written to specify one’s progress toward a particular goal (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 341). Progress reports can be used to update clients on the progress toward a specific ta sk (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 341). For example, customers may ask employees to provide a weekly progress report on how they are working on an IT project. A progress report usually includes information related to the degree of project completion. However, it may sometimes include a brief discussion of the problems encountered while working on the project (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 341). In most cases, progress reports are informal and do not have any clear structure (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 341). Simply stated, employees, supervisors and clients choose by themselves how they wish their progress report to look. Some progress reports can be small and absolutely informal, whereas others will need to be official and structured (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 341). More often than not, all employees need to do is to fill in â€Å"blanks on forms devised for the purpose† (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 341). The core message of any progress report is about the progress made while working on the pr oject. A progress report usually implies that those who receive and read it will need to provide their feedback. That progress reports do not have any set structure does not mean that they are unstructured at all. A good progress report will always have a body and conclusion/ recommendations. Shorter progress report show little need in introductory information (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 326). This is particularly the case of progress reports, whose title explains the purpose (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 326). The body of any progress report must include brief and easy-to-read information about the progress made during the project and problems/ difficulties encountered. The facts and data must be presented in the direct order, meaning that the body of the report starts with the most important information (e.g., â€Å"we are pleased to inform you that the project is 30% completed†). This information is followed by a brief explanation of the progress, problems encountered, recommend ations for the future, and a small conclusion. The use of the direct order is justified by the need to reduce the amount of unnecessary information and let the reader take the most relevant decision. B. Depending on the situation, different types of reports can be used. Letter reports are the most appropriate when dealing with individuals outside the organization (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 336). For example, a letter report could be used to inform auditors about a financial problem. Simultaneously, auditors could provide organizations with a letter report explaining the problem and what has been done to solve it. Email reports are excellent means of internal communication within organizations. Email reports are mostly informal and can be used by people who know each other (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 340). At times, email reports can be used to provide higher administration, the board of directors, or supervisors with formal, official, problem-related information (Lesikar, Flatley Rentz 340). Whatever the situation, email reports always guarantee cost-effective delivery of information and immediate feedback. Unlike letter and email reports, longer proposals do not merely provide information but persuade other parties to choose a particular course of action. These reports can be used when the problem is obvious and the need to address it is urgent. Lesikar, Raymond V., Marie E. Flatley Kathryn Rentz. Business Communication: Making Connections in a Digital World. 11th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill/ Irwin, 2008. Print.

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Getting Started With Student Portfolios

Getting Started With Student Portfolios There are many wonderful benefits to having students create portfoliosone is the enhancement of critical thinking skills which results from the need for students to develop evaluation criteria. You can also use this criteria to evaluate their work and engage in self-reflection about their progress. Additionally, students are pleased to observe their personal growth, they tend to  have better attitudes toward their work, and they are more likely to think of themselves as writers. The payoff for using portfolios becomes concrete when students discover they can earn college credit and, in some cases, skip a freshman writing class by creating a top notch writing portfolio while they are still in high school.    Before proceeding with assigning a portfolio, familiarize yourself with the rules and credit requirements for such a project. Theres little point to requiring this work from students if theyre not properly credited or dont understand the assignment.   Working Student Portfolio A working portfolio, often a simple file folder containing all the students work, is helpful when used in conjunction with the evaluation portfolio; you can start it prior to deciding what youll require in the evaluation portfolio and thus protect work from being lost. Arrangements must be made, however, to store folders in the classroom. Students at all levels generally become proud as they watch their work accumulateeven students who rarely work will be amazed to see five or more assignments that they actually finished. Getting Started With Student Portfolios There are three main factors that go into the development of a student portfolio assessment. First, you must decide on the purpose of your students  portfolios. For example, the portfolios might be used to show student growth, to identify weak spots in student work, and/or to evaluate your own teaching methods. After deciding the purpose of the portfolio, you will need to determine how you are going to grade it. In other words, what would a student need in their portfolio for it to be considered a success and for them to earn a passing grade? The answer to the previous two questions helps form the answer to the third: What should be included in the portfolio? Are you going to have students put in all  of  their work or only certain assignments? Who gets to choose? By answering the above questions, you are able to start student portfolios off on the right foot. A big mistake some teachers make is to just jump into student portfolios without thinking through exactly how they are going to manage them. To help you answer these questions, you might find it helpful to review the Portfolio Planning Checklist and Suggested Portfolio Items for each kind of portfolio students will keep. If done in a focused way, creating student portfolios will be a rewarding experience for both student and teacher.

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Marketing Research- Report on service encounters Assignment

Marketing Research- Report on service encounters - Assignment Example Based on the textbook learning about service marketing, the experiences will be categorised and aging theories will be related to the encounters. The study will be divided in two parts, in this part experience of the service encounters will be highlighted and in the second part, the theories and classifications will be done. Along with that a suitable conclusion and recommendations will also be provided. Service Encounters This section of the report covers the description of the various service deliveries I have encountered in the last week. Although I have come across various service encounters in the recent past, only six of them will be described. The service encounters ranging from banking to tourism services. I have decided to only highlight those service encounters that actually offered something to learn from that experience. Also it should be noted that each of the service encounter that I proposes to shed light on are from different sectors. The entire segment of my service encounters can be found in the appendix section of this study (Refer to Appendix section). PART II Introduction Service marketing is considerably a new concept of marketing and is often dubbed as the subfield of marketing. Service marketing typically refers to the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) services (Storbacka, Strandvik and Gronroos, 1994). The notion and real life application of services marketing are evident in sectors such as travel, telecommunication, health care and financial services to name a few. The study is meant for the purpose of understanding the nature of services and to test the viability of the statement ‘service customers is a core competency that marketing managers must develop’. In the section of the study, I will reflect upon my experience of service delivery and will try to relate the same with the theories portrayed by scholars across the world. Lastly, suitable conclusion to the study will be drawn and along with th at recommendation will be provided. Service Classification It is an imprudent act to generalise the concept of services because the services offered by the companies greatly differs. The differences in the services of two companies become more visible when these companies belong to different industries. According to industry experts and academicians, one of the wisest approaches to segment the services of the firms is to use marketing relevant characteristics (Lovelock, Patterson, and Wirthz, 2010). In general, the services are classified on the basis of various factors such as the strategic implication of the characteristics of the services by considering the fact that customers are involved in the production process. The services can be classified as the tangibility/intangibility of the service process, on the basis of the direct service recipients, the place in which the service is being delivered, on the basis of customization and standardization, relationship with the customer, discrete and continuous services, and high & low contact services. In the context of my personal service encounters, I will choose the degree of tangibility or intangibility involved in the process of service delivery. This basis of classification describes the fact that whether the services being offered by the company involves anything physical or the process is more intangible. In my cases, all the services are intangible and but involves different

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'In what ways can the Lewes Bonfire Festival be described as a Essay

'In what ways can the Lewes Bonfire Festival be described as a theatrical event' - Essay Example A professional doctor playing the same role is not taken as being dramatic. Non dramatic theatrical works are used by performers to entertain and excite the audience. A theatrical performance has certain characteristics that make it conform to the theories of theater and performances. In order for an event to be classified as a theatrical event, it must have certain theatrical elements such as performers and a targeted audience. It also has to be carefully planned and rehearsed, has to occur at a particular place at a specified time, and must have objectives that ought to be met at the end of the performance (Gordon, 2006). The Lewes bonfire festival is one of the most celebrated nights of festivities in the UK. This event has so many similarities with theatrical performances that have led to spectators classifying it as one. The event involves a series of celebrations occurring in Lewes, in East Sussex, United Kingdom (Clark, 2009). Lewes town has come to be known as the Bonfire cap ital of the world due to the festival involving the largest and most famous bonfire night. The bonfire night is also known as the Guy Fawkes Night (Clark, 2009). The event is held annually on the 5th of November to commemorate the uncovering of the Gunpowder plot that happened in 1605 as well as recalling the seventeen martyrs of the Protestant Church that were burnt to death at the stake for their Christian faith under the leadership of the Catholic Queen Mary (Clark, 2009). If the 5th of November happens to be a Sunday, the event is celebrated on Saturday, the 4th of November. The event involves six different societies putting up parades and lighting firework displays. About 3,000 people take part in the celebration each year. The festival attracts up to 80,000 spectators who visit Lewes town during the festivities. This is far beyond the normal population of the small market town, which is usually 16,000 people. The celebrations include processions by the societies from Lewes and the surrounding villages, remembering the dead as well as bonfire prayers (The Lewes Bonfire Festival, 2009). During the processions, most of the members carry torches, others ignite and drop bangers while other participants carry banners, burning crosses or musical instruments. The large crowds that the events have attracted in recent years have necessitated inputs from the Emergency services, the Lewes bonfire council and local authorities so as to ensure safety of everyone attending the festival. The Lewes Bonfire Festival possesses many features that qualify it as a theatrical event. It includes all the elements of a theatrical piece of work, such as the time, location, performers and elaborate stories to a witnessing audience. On the order of time, The Lewes Bonfire Festival is a seasonal event happening on a specified date and time. The event occurs on the night of the 5th of November. The other characteristic that makes this festival a theatrical event is the type of space. This includes a specified location where the event takes place. The festival takes place in the small town of Lewes, East Sussex, in the UK (The Lewes Bonfire Festival, 2009). One other major element of theatricals that this event has is that of performers and spectators.

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How Thomas Hardy portrays women in his stories Essay Example for Free

How Thomas Hardy portrays women in his stories Essay The three stories all have very social, historical and cultural impacts on the women of the time. The Withered Arm, is about a womans, struggle to cure her withered arm and the jealousy felt by Rhoda who had been used by the farmer in the past and had born his child. Gertrudes fear of loosing her husband and her superstition make her carry out actions that result in her death. The next story, The Distracted Preacher, is about an independent woman called Lizzy and the choice she has to make. She is involved in smuggling and the head of the gang but is offered a different life by Minister Stockdale, who asks her to marry him and leave. She decides to stay but gets caught and suffers for some years till he returns and offers again to marry him, this time she accepts but only because of circumstances. The third story, The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion, is about a shy, naive middle class woman called Phyllis and her fight between her conscience, her fathers desire and her true love. She chooses her conscience and in the end loses everything. The Withered Arm has two main female roles: Rhoda Brooks and Gertrude Lodge. They both have very different backgrounds; Rhoda is the poor working class woman while Gertrude is the pretty upper middle class women. Rhoda has to work for her son and herself just to eat; she has no husband and so is an outcast from society and has to keep herself to herself. Because of this she has no male role model for her son. Rhoda is a thin, fading women of thirty, which emphasises how hard she works and how tiring her life is. In comparison Gertrude is the typical married middle class woman, with lots of time on her hands. She is youthful and pretty, soft and evanescent, which is why Farmer Lodge married her. Rhoda has a very wicked side, which shows itself when Gertrude arrives in town. She becomes jealous and wants to know all about the well-awaited new wife. She becomes obsessed with her and makes her son find out about Gertrude and follow her, Then do you go to Holmstoke church to-morrow: shes sure to be there. This jealousy links in with the superstition of that time when Rhodas dream about Gertrude having a withered arm comes true. At that time everyone believed each village had its own witch. The witch could curse victims and make limbs wither or in extreme cases fall off. From this we can see how worried Rhoda would have been, believing she was a witch, that I exercise malignant power against my own will? This illustrates that Rhoda feel sympathetic for Gertrude and responsible for her arm. She fears what she might do to her and what may happen if she is a witch. Even though she has this evil side, you see that she does contain some sympathetic qualities. For example Rhoda recognises the gruesome fascination which leads her to find Gertrude but she is unwilling to tell her where to find Conjuror Trendle for fear that she will lose Gertrudes friendship. Hardy shows Rhodas point of view throughout the story so you feel sympathetic especially when we find the dead boy is her son. She is very independent and strong so in the end wants nothing to do with Farmer Lodge and the fling therefore refuses his sympathy vote and doesnt accept his money. Gertrude starts by being very kind and loving, she gives Rhodas son some shoes and befriends Rhoda and creates a close relationship with her. Rhoda appears concerned; particularly about Gertrudes imagined rejection by her husband. Her personality changes for the worst when her arm becomes withered. Gertrude relies on Rhoda for a concerned understanding of the growing separation between herself and her husband, who knows the disfigurement is there. The choice of the word disfigurement reveals his attitude to appearances. Social attitudes demanded that middle class women were beautiful and attractive. She turns vain and selfish, obsessed by her arm and the need to find a cure, Her determination received a fillip. She finds a treatable cure for the arm after trying so many. Shes now determined to try this one even though it involves such indignity. This is all too much for Gertrude when she finds out who the boy is in reality Rhodas son. She isnt so vain and determined, she is actually very shocked and started to feel sympathy for the victim and in end the superstition and shock kills her. In the Distracted Preacher the main female role is Lizzy Newbury a middle class, strong-minded, character who, was none the less independent. This emphasises how Lizzy is able to lead her village in successful smuggling. Shes an attractive, local girl who can take on an immense job for a women in those times but Lizzy does it as well as any man could. Lizzy is a widower and looks after her mother, as well as the customers of her Lodge, where Mr Stockdale goes to stay. She values her job and sees nothing wrong with smuggling, If a king who is nothing to us sends his people to steal out property, we have the right to steal it back. This illustrates how Lizzy doesnt care whether people think her smuggling is wrong she has reason to do it and she lives off the money and the adventure. The smuggling is tradition: My father did it, and so did my grandfather, and almost everybody in Nether-Moynton lives by it, and life would be so dull if it wasnt for that, that I should not care to live at all. This shows that Lizzy is no ordinary woman she sticks with what she wants and doesnt look up to men as a higher being besides shes a decisive woman and gets her way. She needs to carry on even though her romance with Stockdale gets in the way because he doesnt agree with it, so Lizzy uses vigorous but absurd arguments to justify her actions. To begin with Lizzy doesnt want to go away with Stockdale and marrying him, It is too much to ask. My whole life ha been passed in this way. She needs to stay in Nether-Moynton where the adventure is and not do what normal females do. Later we see Lizzys resolve deteriorates; she needs Stockdale because the money earnt from smuggling runs out. After all her talk about needing smuggling and it being fine to do it, she says it wrong, I own that we were wrong, said she. But I have suffered for it: I am very poor now, Lizzy wants Stockdale now she is poor and worthless and Stockdale offers to take her away from her poverty. Lizzy gives in and takes this offer, then settles down to the married life she once hated the thought of living because of its lack of adventure and predictability. This ending is problematic as Lizzy changed her attitudes totally. This ending was also added for the readers. The story was published each week in a magazine. Hardy wrote the ending to please the audience and give them an ending most women would of taken. There is an alternative ending to this story that isnt so problematic. This is that Lizzy would have married Owlett a member of the smuggling gang and immigrated to America. The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion has one main female role, that of Phyllis Grove an attractive middle class young lady. She is very quiet, keeps herself to herself and just likes to blend into society. She was a woman who lived her whole life without going further than the nearest market. The only family she has is her father so she has no female role model to guide her through life, this has made her very inexperienced in relationships, though it is probable that she lost her heart to Matthaus before she is herself aware. She never realised she was in love with Matthaus; she had never felt love before so never knew what this feeling was. She values her fathers opinion greatly and her father doesnt like whats going on between Matthaus and herself. He considers the soldiers merely foreign fellows who flatter young girls with unmeaning attentions. Phyllis finds Matthaus refined and well-educated. He is loving towards her, concerned about her loneliness, he does not put too much pressure on her to escape and marry him. She becomes very conscience stricken between the two men; will she go with her fathers choice (Humphrey) or her romance Matthaus? She decided the best thing to do was to conform to society and her father and marry Humphrey, She would stay at home, and marry him, and suffer. This shows that she is doing this for her father it wouldnt be love but she could live with it for her families and the moneys sake. Later we see that Phyllis has a problem as Humphrey wants to marry another woman, Belle, and Matthaus and a friend gets shot for desertion. Poor Phyllis has now been torn from fighting between two men to being alone again. We see Phylliss life if effected by this, while she lived she used to keep their mounds neat, meaning Matthaus grave. This shows Phylliss love for Matthaus still carried on when he died and this tragedy deeply affected her. In the three stories I have read the four female characters all have similarities and differences. Gertrude is similar to all three characters. She is similar to Rhoda because they both believe in superstition and worry about what is happening to them due to it. Through the story we feel sympathy for them: for Gertrude with her withered arm and death and Rhoda for being a single parent and so an outcast and for when she sees Gertrude with her arm on her dead sons neck. The sympathy vote changes throughout the story between Rhoda and Gertrude. Gertrude is like Lizzy because they are both attractive, strong-minded women. Gertrude is different to Lizzy aswell as like her because Gertrude conforms to mens expectations but Lizzy is independent and only relies on Stockdale at the end. Phyllis is probably most like Gertrude as they are both very traditional women characters for their times. They are weak women who become victims of men and the social influences of their time. Phyllis becomes a heart broken girl due to her fianci messing her around and her actual love being shot. Gertrude becomes obsessed and vain because her husband is disgusted by the fault with her arm and starts to love her less for it. Phyllis has a rich fianci and Gertrude has a rich husband. Lizzy is similar to Rhoda too because they are both strong-willed, independent women that can cope by themselves without men by their sides. This means Lizzy and Rhoda are both very different to Phyllis because she is timid and shy, she can be manipulated easily unlike Lizzy and Rhoda who manipulate other people. Phylliss character is very dependent as she does as she is told, conforming to societys expectations. If things had gone to plan then her life would be totally taken care of without her lifting a finger, when we know Lizzy chose to be independent and Rhoda had to be independent to look after her family. In my view, I admire Lizzy because she is very outgoing and a leader, which shows women to be able to lead men in this world and she can still be attractive and feminine. She seems to put men in their places by refusing Stockdales offer of marriage instead of being a stereotypical woman of that time married, at home cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. She speaks her mind when she wants to stay because smuggling gives her adventure and when she tells Stockdale there nothing wrong with smuggling. This is why I like the alternative ending that Hardy mentions in his footnote when she goes to America because she doesnt need the sympathy for being poor she stays strong and independent. Even though at the end I felt sorry for Rhoda because of her son, I was never fond of her character. She seemed evil throughout the story as if she had other secrets not yet revealed. Her character was very sneaky, holding things back from Gertrude when she was untruthful. I think Rhoda is to blame for all Gertrudes problems: she placed the curse and took Gertrude to Conjuror Trendle and she paid the price of that horrendous sight. This all made me very sympathetic towards Gertrude and I know how if feels to be superficially stereotyped. She never did anything to Rhoda and died as a consequence to Rhodas jealousy. I also sympathise with Phyllis because men ruined her life, her life was ruined by the societys strict rules at that time to do the right thing and marry for position and money, and the shooting for desertion of her true love. Men have a great impact on women and can make our lives fun, yet some men make our lives more misery than fun. In my opinion Hardy portrays women with respect, he makes them strong and independent, manly in a sense. In the early 1800s women all had their places in the world, which was in the home. Hardy brought these women out of their world and into the beginning of our not so sexist England today. Men and Society had the main impact on women of this era; I believe this is why Hardys stories were loved in this age. Women could read them and think that they had a greater role in this era and they were more intelligent than men thought. I also believe men should have read these books to see how independent and important women are to this world. It was very important for women of this era to get their thoughts and strengths across to the world, so they could begin to live as equals to men.

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Intelligence and Character Essay -- Careers Teaching Education Essays

Intelligence and Character â€Å"What do you want to be when you grow up?† Everyone has been asked this question at some point in their life. In fact, I am still being asked this question during this time in my life. Although the questions are in a more mature format, such as, â€Å"What are you majoring in?† and â€Å"What are you going to do with your life?† I have always answered this question with the same response. I want to be a teacher. Throughout my entire life I have respected and looked up to all of my teachers, as well as admired my parents, who are both educators. However, during my lifetime of playing â€Å"teacher† I have never actually thought about my personal educational philosophy. Yet, I can look back now on my schooling experiences to see what has been important to me and to identify the major concepts and beliefs I posses in order to form my own teaching philosophy. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, â€Å"Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.† I believe this single statement reflects my entire philosophy of education. I do not believe that any student can gain intelligence and a true character without being introduced to a variety of teaching philosophies and styles. Education, at any level, needs to encompass the needs and learning styles of all students; therefore, I intend on incorporating certain elements into my classroom from three main educational philosophies: Essentialism, Existentialism, and Progressivism. First and foremost, I will definitely use parts of Essentialism in my teachings. Because my goal is to become a secondary English and Language Arts teacher, I know it will be necessary to use this philosophy in order to teach classic... ...r in secondary English education and English, I plan on obtaining my Masters degree so that I can be the best teacher possible for myself and my students. I want to have the main role in my classroom at times, but I also want my students to feel as if they have an important voice as well. Combining parts of each of these methods will successfully make my classroom both a teacher and student oriented classroom. The students will of course learn their English skills and increase their intelligence, but they will also have a feeling of independence and respect, which will lead to the development of or addition to a personal character. Throughout this philosophy statement I have stressed the importance of accomplishing intelligence and character training in the classroom, and according to Martin Luther King Jr., my students will gain a true education in my classroom.

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Prison Treatments Laws in New York State Essay

Michael E. Deutsch, Dennis Cunningham and Elizabeth M. Fink †Twenty Years Later — Attica Civil Rights Case Finally Cleared for Trial† Social Justice, Vol. 18, No. 3 (45), Attica: 1971—1991 A Commemorative Issue (Fall 1991), pp. 13-25 This is a journal uses the commissioner, the director of the correctional, Russel Osward as a center role to recall the Attica Riot, condemning his failure of management of the prison regime and the inhumane assault he had set to end up the uprising. The government had covered the facts of violent assault of the riot for years, but it had been dug out by the protest of the riot survivors 20 years after the riot, and they finally won the negotiations and gained their civil rights. Quotations can be cited for discussing how the negotiation had gone through. It also provides me some background information of the riot. It also gives a sense of what kind of civil rights had been violated and what had been brought back. I can use thes e rights as reference to seek changes of the State laws. Vicky Munro-Bjorklund â€Å"Popular Cultural Images of Criminals and Prisoners since Attica† Social Justice, Vol. 18, No. 3 (45), Attica: 1971—1991 A Commemorative Issue (Fall 1991), pp. 48-70 This journal focuses on the popular culture images that been shaped after the Attica Riot. It argues that the misunderstanding of the prisoner had been changed since the uprising, and media is also a force that pushes the prisons into reform. Because of stereotype, or the popular cultural images of the prisoners, no one had paid that much attention to the prisoners before the increasing exposure of the real â€Å"prisoners’ life† after the Attica Riot. The description of the popular cultural images of the prisoners in Attica is really a good resource to use. This resource is mainly a statement of the prisoners’ image. I do not need to describe the change of the images because I am focusing on the law changes, so nothing will be quoted, but it makes me think in a new way: The affection of exposure from the public or social media. George Edwards, â€Å"Foreword: Penitentiaries Produce No Penitents† forward-penitentiaries produce no penitents, 63 J. Crim. L. Criminology& Police Scl. 159(1972): 154-161   This journal focused on how the social media have done to help the colored people inside the US penal system by using the example of the media affection of the Attica Riot. It focuses on and the cultural images that shape the stereotype of the black people so that they are isolated from â€Å"us†. The prisoners’ lives in the prisons have become more transparent through the social media after the Attica Riot when the social media have paid attention to them and cover more about them. Social media is condemning the brutal treatment to the prisoners and the injustice of the sentence through different ways. This paper is searched after the previous one, it is a good resource for seeing how the social media had pushed the State to change their correctional method and give back prisoners’ civil rights. Willi The Naturalization Act of 1790 am L. Wilbanks The report of the commission on Attica, 37 Fed. Probation 3 (1973): 3-5 This is a prime summery of the national commission report of the Attica Riot published on September 13,1972. It briefly summarized and explained what is the Attica Riot, recorded the cause of it, reported the negotiation of it, and analyzed the assault and the aftermath of it. The main highlight of the riot from the report is that it happened at a time when the prison was about to reform for better, and the violent assault was because the prison inmate was asking for general pardon, but the government refused so, yet the result was still inhumane. This report is brief and comprehensive; it is providing background information for the public to get the general idea of the riot. Part of it can be quoted for a prof of inhumane treatment after the uprising. Gerald Benjamin and Stephen P. Rappaport, Attica and Prison Reform, Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, Vol. 31, No. 3, Governing New York State: The Rockefeller Years (May, 1974), pp. 200-213 This journal focuses on reporting the details of the negotiation and the assault of the Attica Riot. Informing us assault is because of the failure of the negotiation. This journal also mentioned that the riot happened when the reform was just about to be taken into practice. After the riot, the reform began, including the facilities change and the treatment changes. Changes are based on the fund from federal and the State, though something still needs to be change, it was already a big step. It is also showing some significant changes such as the change in the employment of the facilities from all whites to Latinos, the shortened time of locking. Though this journal is really detail, I need to quote the changes of laws rather than just physical changes in this piece. Angela Y. Davis: Are Prisons Obsolete? Seven Stories Press New York, 2003: 10-19, 84-104 Chapter 1 introduces us with an idea of prison reform, which gains the majority supports of the public and it is also the reason for the Attica Riot. It also reveals the idea that not many people outside the prison are willing to think about the life inside the prison, which is going to be a support of why I said that there is not that much attention had been paid for prison treatment. Chapter 5 tells us how a mass of private companies and industries are gaining a lot of profit from the prisoners so that prisoners are not gaining what they are supposed to be gained. Both chapters are supporting the idea of why prisons should be paid attention and be reformed. Thought the industrial complex of the prison is written recently rather than the immediate fact, I would use them as reference of things that haven’t been improved after the riot. Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler, Keywords for American Cultural Studies, New York University Press, 2007: 37-42 This piece gives readers a brief history from the ancient Greek to now of how Citizenship has come to its status in the United State. The civil rights have been violated by the sovereignty, but finally came to equality through the push of institutions, religions, as well as civil movements. This piece also introduces us that how the technology and transportations are important to a new understanding of citizenship. This piece is important for analyzing the prison rights because I am writing through the prospect that prison inmates are also citizens, that they should have the same rights as those normal citizens, but prisoners’ rights are somehow always been valid or even ignored by the U.S. penal system. This article helps to define the citizen in my paper. Jael Silliman and Anannya Bhattacharjee, Policing the National Body Sex, Race, and Criminalization, South End Press Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2002: 1-48 Chapter one gives us a general idea on how the US penal apparatus has been enforced by the participation of multiple â€Å"relevant† institutions. It is showing audiences how those institutional officers themselves are offending the laws but still act as a law executive, and how they use the name of immigration law to violate the rights, especially the rights of the women with colors, they offence their bodies, and use them to incarcerate colored men. This helps to analysis the female prison treatments in recent time. Though it is a good example to show the violation of the civil rights but it might be a little different from the topic that I am writing about because it is mainly focused on the recent time and the immigration laws. Dylan Rodriguez, Forced Passages, Imprisoned Radical Intellectuals and the U.S. Prison Regime, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, London, 2006 This chapter focuses on the formation of the key word: The War. Though the war is supposedly be the conflict between states, the writer tells readers that the U.S. government is using the war zone as a way to control the citizens. It talks about how the power is contributed through the use of the prison regime. I would like to quote the history of the prison regime to inform that the prison today has a slavery background and that is what makes the rights of prisoners been blurred so reasonably. U.S. Naturalization Act of 1790, The Transcript of 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery (1865) The naturalization act is the fundamental act to the U.S. citizens. It indicated that free white of good moral character that had lived in the U.S. for two years and swore allegiance. It can be used as a historical accordant to the descriptions of the history of the prison regime. The 13th amendment establishes birthright of citizenship due process and equal protection, formally extends citizenship to newly freed, black men. Both of these laws can be use as track of the citizenship as proves of the inequality of the civil laws roots. Abstract Citizenship refers to the link between state and person who lives in. Citizens by broad should be within the link and should be someone who lives in the sate. Prisoners as a special type of citizen are supposed to have the same civil rights and be protected by the same laws, yet their circumstances put them into a situation where their rights are violated constantly with or without justice. Prison treatments in the US, can been seen as a significant example of the violation of the prisoners’ civil rights. It has never been paid attentions until the four-day uprising in the Attica Correctional Facility burst out in 1971. Attica Riot was the most violent riot in the entire U.S. history. Through out the uprising, many inhumane treatments of the prisoners have been revealed through the exposure of the social media. As a curiosity on the affects of prison uprisings on the New York State government, this paper is going to discover some significant changes that had been made by the New York State immediately after the riot through the aftermath negotiation of the Attica riot to indicate that the prisoner rights are still not have been treated rightly.

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Government tell us what to do

From a small town to a cosmopolitan city on an island bustling with economic and social activity, Singapore has ensured our place in the modern world as we have an economic status better than other developed nations and a multitude of races. To further improve, the ‘Keep Singapore Clean† campaign had also told us to make Singapore clean and to rid indiscriminate littering and poor environmental conditions, so that with the cleanliness, we could boost our economy and make Singapore a better place. Also, through the National day rally speech and the ‘Good speak good English' campaign, Former Prime ministers had also tell us to speak good English as this could improve our connection and communication with the world. Thus, it will also improve our economic status as English gives us a big advantage over our competitors. However, in this time of stability and prosperity, we have become apathetic. The government has taken good care of us, and sometimes over-protective, there is no need for us to be concerned and worried about almost anything in this country. With the good life the government had given us, Singaporeans are more dependent and are reluctant to take risks. Being in our comfort zone, this allows us to turn a blind eye to the political scene and we just have to focus on what we are supposed to do, such as studies and work. Hence, we might even forget about our social graces, and this explains the hostility. Singapore government then realised that the locals' behaviour and values are as important as the economy, and finally they play a big part in shaping us and telling us what to do. This spiral effect of over-protecting us and inculcating values in us is now imperative to ensure that Singapore's economy, standard of living and hospitability is in the acceptable range to be a prosperous yet courteous country. As the government trying to inculcate values in us so as to make this place a more courteous one, they tell us what to do and how to behave by the campaigns and speeches done by Ministers. Firstly, we had the â€Å"Kindness, Bring it on† campaign to improve on our social graciousness. Since we are dependent on the government, we follow what the government tell us how to behave i.e. to display kindness. Therefore with the government tell us what to do and how to behave, we are more cautious with our actions and behaviours. As we speak Singlish today, many people will naturally correct us to speak good English. Also, we are more aware not to litter or spit so that we can maintain our clean environment, all these show that the governments have successfully shape us into what they want us to be.

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Terri and the Turkey Thanksgiving Day Play

Terri and the Turkey Thanksgiving Day Play The author grants permission for anyone to use this short play for educational and/or amateur purposes. Terri and the Turkey By Wade Bradford Stage Right: The humble home of Grandpa and Grandpa. Stage Left: The animal pen. Narrator: Thanksgiving. A time of joy and celebration. Of food, relaxation, and family. A day beloved by everyone. Everyone that is except†¦ Tom Turkey! (A Turkey named Tom walks on stage left, flapping his wings.) Tom: Gobble, gobble! On stage right, Grandma and Grandpa enter. Tom listens to them as they speak. GRANDMA: I mashed the potatoes, I crammed the cranberries, I yammed the yams, and now it’s time for you to do what you always do on Thanksgiving Day. GRANDPA: Watch football? GRANDMA: No! It’s time to prepare the turkey. TOM: Prepare? That doesn’t sound so bad. GRANDMA: Prepare? That’s such hard work! I have to pluck the feathers. TOM: Ow! GRANDPA: And pull out the innards. TOM: Eek! GRANDPA: And toss him in the oven. TOM: Oh my! GRANDMA: But don’t forget. First, you must chop off his head. TOM: (Grabs his neck, fearful.) And all this time I thought I was going to be the guest of honor. (PIG enters.) I’ve got to get out of here! These people are going to eat me! PIG: Oink, oink. Welcome to my world, buddy. GRANDPA: Well, I guess I better get busy. A happy couple, Mom and Dad, enter. MOM and DAD: Hi Grandpa! MOM: Happy Thanksgiving. DAD: Is there anything we can do to help? GRANDPA: I’m glad you asked that. Go out back and chop off the turkey’s head. DAD: Oh. I was hoping you would have me set the table. GRANDPA: Too bad. Get chopping! MOM: Be brave dear. DAD: But honey, you know the sight of blood makes me queasy. MOM: I’m needed in the kitchen. DAD: Well, sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do (A son and a daughter (Terri) enter.) DAD: Make his kids do the work. SON: Hey Dad, is dinner ready yet? DAD: Son, this is a very special Thanksgiving because I’m giving you a very special responsibility. I need you to chop off the turkey’s head. SON: Gross! DAD: And while you’re at it, pluck the feathers, take out the innards, and give it to Grandma to put in the oven. SON: But – but – but†¦ DAD: Have fun, son. The son turns to Terri, who has been engrossed in a book. SON: Terri! Hey bookworm! Did you hear what Dad just said to me? TERRI: No, I was too busy reading my history book. SON: You mean you didn’t hear a single word Dad said? TERRI: No. What did he say? SON: He wants you to kill the turkey. He pushes her toward the animal pen, then exits. Note: All of the other human characters have cleared the stage too. TERRI: Well, I guess if we want a turkey dinner, someone has to do it. Optional: She picks up a prop ax – make sure its something safe. TERRI: (Approaching Tom) Sorry, Mr. Turkey. The time has come. TOM: I – I – I feel faint! The turkey starts to sway back and forth. He falls to the ground. TERRI: Oh no! I think he’s having a heart attack! GRANDMA: (Entering.) Who’s having a heart attack? TERRI: (Checking the turkey’s pulse.) He doesn’t have a pulse. GRANDPA: (Entering.) I don’t have a pulse? TERRI: Not you, Grandpa. The turkey! DAD and MOM enter. DAD: Terri, what are you doing? TERRI: CPR. I learned it in health class. MOM: She’s such a good student. SON: (Entering.) What the heck is going on? TERRI: I think it’s working. Live, Mr. Turkey! Live!!! (Optional: If you want to get really silly with this skit, the actress can pretend to use a defibrillator.) TOM: (Coming back to life.) Gobble gobble! MOM: You did it honey! DAD: You saved his life. TERRI: Yep. Now I guess I better cut off his head. GRANDMA: Now wait, child. It just doesn’t seem right. TERRI: You know, according to my history book, presidents such as Harry Truman and John Kennedy have spared the lives of their turkeys. And since 1989, the White House has been granting a presidential pardon to each live turkey that is presented to the president. Maybe this year we could do the same kind of thing. GRANDMA: I think that’s a lovely idea. After all, one of the many things we should be thankful for is simply how many families have been able to have wonderful Thanksgiving dinners all because of this noble bird. Besides we have many other delicious foods we can eat. Yams, cranberries, freshly made bread, and mashed potatoes. GRANDPA: That’s right, Grandma. Now, who’s up for some pork chops? PIG: (Feeling faint.) I gotta get out of here! The End

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Biography of Mary, Queen of Scots

Biography of Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots (December 8, 1542–February 8, 1587), was the ruler of Scotland as well as a potential claimant to the throne of England. Her tragic life included two disastrous marriages, imprisonment, and eventual execution by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England. Fast Facts: Mary, Queen of Scots Known For: Queen of Scotland and cousin to Queen Elizabeth I who eventually had Mary executedAlso Known As: Mary Stuart or Mary StewartBorn: December 8, 1542 in Linlithgow Palace, ScotlandParents: King James V and his French second wife, Mary of GuiseDied: February 8, 1587 in Fotheringhay Castle, EnglandEducation: Extensive private education including instruction in Latin, Greek, poetry and prose, horsemanship, needlework falconry, Spanish, Greek, and FrenchSpouse(s): Francis II, Dauphin of France, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, James Hepburn, 1st Duke of Orkney and 4th Earl of BothwellChildren: James VI of England (also James I of Scotland)Notable Quote: Marys last words are recorded as: â€Å"In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum† (â€Å"Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit†) Early Life The mother of Mary, Queen of Scots, was Mary of Guise (Mary of Lorraine) and her father was James V of Scotland, each in their second marriage. Mary was born on December 8, 1542, and her father James died on December 14, so the infant Mary became queen of Scotland when she was just a week old. James Hamilton, Duke of Arran, was made regent for Mary, Queen of Scots, and he arranged a betrothal with Prince Edward, the son of Henry VIII of England. But Marys mother, Mary of Guise, was in favor of an alliance with France instead of England, and she worked to overturn this betrothal and instead arranged for Mary to be promised in marriage to Frances dauphin, Francis. The young Mary, Queen of Scots, only 5 years old, was sent to France in 1548 to be raised as the future queen of France. She married Francis in 1558, and in July 1559, when his father Henry II died, Francis II became king and Mary became queen consort of France. Marys Claim to the English Throne Mary, Queen of Scots, also known as Mary Stuart (she took the French spelling rather than the Scottish Stewart), was the granddaughter of Margaret Tudor; Margaret was the older sister of Henry VIII of England. In the view of many Catholics, the divorce of Henry VIII from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and his marriage to Anne Boleyn were invalid, and the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth, was therefore illegitimate. Mary, Queen of Scots, in their eyes, was the rightful heir of Mary I of England, Henry VIIIs daughter by his first wife. When Mary I died in 1558, Mary, Queen of Scots, and her husband Francis asserted their right to the English crown, but the English recognized Elizabeth as the heir. Elizabeth, a Protestant, supported the Protestant Reformation in Scotland as well as in England. Mary Stuarts time as queen of France was very short. When Francis died, his mother Catherine de Medici assumed the role of regent for his brother, Charles IX. Marys mothers family, the Guise relatives, had lost their power and influence, and so Mary Stuart returned to Scotland, where she could rule in her own right as queen. Mary in Scotland In 1560, Marys mother died, in the middle of a civil war she stirred up by attempting to suppress the Protestants, including John Knox. After the death of Mary of Guise, the Catholic and Protestant nobles of Scotland signed a treaty recognizing Elizabeths right to rule in England. But Mary Stuart, returning to Scotland, managed to avoid signing or endorsing either the treaty or recognition of her cousin Elizabeth. Mary, Queen of Scots, was herself a Catholic and insisted on her freedom to practice her religion. But she did not interfere with Protestantisms role in Scottish life. John Knox, a powerful Presbyterian during Marys rule, nevertheless denounced her power and influence. Marriage to Darnley Mary, Queen of Scots, held on to hopes of claiming the English throne which she considered hers by right. She turned down Elizabeths suggestion that she marry Lord Robert Dudley, Elizabeths favorite, and be recognized as Elizabeths heir. Instead, in 1565 she married her first cousin, Lord Darnley, in a Roman Catholic ceremony. Darnley, another grandson of Margaret Tudor and heir of another family with a claim to the Scottish throne, was in the Catholic perspective the next in line to Elizabeths throne after Mary Stuart herself. Many believed that Marys match with Darnley was impetuous and unwise. Lord James Stuart, the Earl of Moray, who was Marys half-brother (his mother was King James mistress), opposed Marys marriage to Darnley. Mary personally led troops in the chase-about raid, chasing Moray and his supporters to England, outlawing them and seizing their estates. Mary vs. Darnley While Mary, Queen of Scots, was at first charmed by Darnley, their relationship soon became strained. Already pregnant by Darnley, Mary, Queen of Scots, began to place trust and friendship in her Italian secretary, David Rizzio, who in turn treated Darnley and the other Scottish nobles with contempt. On March 9, 1566, Darnley and the nobles murdered Rizzio, planning that Darnley would put Mary Stuart in prison and rule in her place. But Mary outwitted the plotters: she convinced Darnley of her commitment to him, and together they escaped. James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, who had supported her mother in her battles with the Scottish nobles, provided 2,000 soldiers, and Mary took Edinburgh from the rebels. Darnley tried to deny his role in the rebellion, but the others produced a paper that he had signed promising to restore Moray and his fellow exiles to their lands when the murder was complete. Three months after Rizzios murder, James, the son of Darnley and Mary Stuart, was born. Mary pardoned the exiles and allowed them to return to Scotland. Darnley, motivated by Marys split from him and by his expectations that the exiled nobles would hold his denial against him, threatened to create a scandal and leave Scotland. Mary, Queen of Scots, was apparently by this time in love with Bothwell. The Death of Darnley- and Another Marriage Mary Stuart explored ways to escape from her marriage. Bothwell and the nobles assured her that they would find a way for her to do so. Months later, on February 10, 1567, Darnley was staying at a house in Edinburgh, possibly recovering from smallpox. He awakened to an explosion and fire. The bodies of Darnley and his page were found in the garden of the house, strangled. The public blamed Bothwell for the death of Darnley. Bothwell faced charges at a private trial where no witnesses were called. He told others that Mary had agreed to marry him, and he got the other nobles to sign a paper asking her to do so. Immediate marriage, however, would violate any number of etiquette and legal rules. Bothwell was already married, and Mary would be expected to formally mourn her late husband Darnley for a few months at least. Before the official period of mourning was complete, Bothwell kidnapped Mary; many suspected that the event occurred with her cooperation. His wife divorced him for infidelity. Mary Stuart announced that, despite her kidnapping, she trusted Bothwells loyalty and would agree with the nobles who urged her to marry him. Under threat of being hanged, a minister published the banns, and Bothwell and Mary were married on Mary 15, 1567. Mary, Queen of Scots, subsequently attempted to give Bothwell more authority, but this was met with outrage. Letters (whose authenticity is questioned by some historians) were found tying Mary and Bothwell to Darnleys murder. Fleeing to England Mary abdicated the throne of Scotland, making her year-old son James VI, King of Scotland. Moray was appointed regent. Mary Stuart later repudiated the abdication and attempted to regain her power by force, but in May 1568, her forces were defeated. She was forced to flee to England, where she asked her cousin Elizabeth for vindication. Elizabeth deftly dealt with the charges against Mary and Moray: she found Mary not guilty of murder and Moray not guilty of treason. She recognized Morays regency, and she did not allow Mary Stuart to leave England. For nearly 20 years, Mary, Queen of Scots, remained in England, plotting to free herself, to assassinate Elizabeth, and to gain the crown with the help of an invading Spanish army. Three separate conspiracies were launched, discovered, and squelched. Death In 1586, Mary, Queen of Scots, was brought to trial on charges of treason in Fotheringay castle. She was found guilty and, three months later, Elizabeth signed the death warrant. Mary, Queen of Scots, was executed by beheading on February 8, 1587. Legacy The story of Mary, Queen of Scots, is still well known more than 400 years after her death. But while her life story is fascinating, her most significant legacy resulted from the birth of her son, James VI. James made it possible for the Stuart line to continue, and for Scotland, Ireland, and England to unite through the Union of the Crowns in 1603. Famous Quotes The best-known quotations from Mary, Queen of Scots, relate to her trial and execution. To those who stood in judgment of her relative to accusations of plotting against Elizabeth: Look to your consciences and remember that the theatre of the whole world is wider than the kingdom of England.To those executing her: I forgive you with all my heart, for now, I hope, you shall make an end of all my troubles.Last words, prior to beheading: In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum (Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit). Sources Castelow, Ellen. Biography of Mary, Queen of Scots. Historic UK.Guy, John. Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart. Houghton Mifflin: New York. April 2004.â€Å"Queens Regnant: Mary, Queen of Scots - In My End Is My Beginning.† History of Royal Women, 19 Mar. 2017

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Respone Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Respone - Case Study Example This excerpt brings out Alice as a hard working. I was especially moved by the fact that even though she had worked her way up to become a biomedical engineer, she was still able to deliver the free medical supplies in poor countries. As a result, she feels that she has made a difference. However, the author points out that Alice was fascinated by the trips to South America and Africa (Sheehan 634). This is quite confusing since the trips are quiet out of the objectives of the company. I therefore did not get the connection between the fulfillments that Alice got and the deliverance of medical supply. In my opinion, the act of hiring Zigda to redesign their website is quite commendable. In fact, Zigda worked at a smaller fee than usual. This reduced the company’s expenses which is the dream of every rational manager. I however felt that with the knowledge that Zigda had concerning soft-wares would enable them to know that it would be hard for computers, more so in Africa and South America to Access the website. It was therefore clear that the author was trying to show how Zigda, with or without the knowledge of Kent, was trying to lock out the communication channel between them and the poor countries. In my opinion, I felt that the company had diverged from its core objective and responsibility and therefore Alice needed to be brave and tell Kent, the manager, how the website had hindered the effective communication between the organization and the individuals from the poor countries. Employers and employees have constantly found it hard to associate with relative ease to each other, more so on the social aspects. Socialization is however a process that cannot be avoided at all costs. In this excerpt, Henry is faced by a dilemma on whether to accept Hamilton’s Facebook friend request or not. This paper therefore aims at what Henry should do in order to eliminate this problem. Firstly, I

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Sex, Nudity, Violence in Modern Era Music Essay

Sex, Nudity, Violence in Modern Era Music - Essay Example The musicians seethe with anger, remember they're frustrating lives before they had a breakthrough and so on. Despite their frustrating pasts which manifest themselves in their lyrics most of these bands have lived a commercial success through their bands and have entered the well-known world of fame and fortune. At the same time, the money and publicity brought with them sex scandals, drug addiction, and public disorder. Few postmodern bands have been prudent with their fame and fortune but the music world is full of sad tragedies like Kurt Cobain’s unfortunate suicide. In this vein, my research will explore to what extent are Rap and Grunge bands a victim of drug effects themselves other than the alleged promotion of a culture of sex nudity violence and culture.The methodology of my work pertains to a few anonymous interviews with representatives of two local bands which play successfully at a nearby club. Their phenomenal success and popularity inspired me to explore their perspectives on the postmodern era. The aim of this literature review is to discuss the issues and bands which will be discussed in the interviews in advance. The literature review was prepared after to interviews to become an aid to the understanding of the musician's concerns and perspectives. Post-modernism has cut off the present from all futures. The daily media add to this by cutting off the past. Which means that critical opinion is often orphaned in the present?† John Berger (English Painter, b.1926) This section addresses the definitional and historical premises behind postmodernism and its influence on modern music media. Visionaries like C. Wright Mills (1959) were looking ahead when they described the post-modern period as one where there would be a growth of the tertiary sector and the services industry would boom in the era of multinationals and a rise in capitalism.  

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Information Systems Ethics in Triad Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Information Systems Ethics in Triad - Coursework Example These States, respectively, were: The USA, The Sultanate of Oman and South Korea. Clarification of cultural norms is proposed so as to promote effective cross-cultural communication among the regions. Ethics in USA. Dominated by universal Business ethics and are thus able to intermingle with the ethical norms elsewhere. Ethics in Oman. The ethical values of all Arab nations lie primarily upon the principles of Islam. Islam coins the word ‘Akhlaq’ to represent ethics. The ethical values othe f Oman are thus based upon those prescribed by the religion of Islam. Their compatibility with ethical values in the rest of the triad countries is fluent as the Islamic ethics are no different. Ethics in South Korea. The Korean Cultural preferences benefit Organizations over individuals. Perfectly compatible with global ethical norms, the Korean ethics emphasize upon the building up of relationships and organizational harmony. In order to determine the ethical fronts affecting the In formation Systems a number of variables are chosen. ... The analysis was done by deploying the statistical test or ANOVA was used to compare the obtained results. The non-cultural variables like age, gender etcetera affecting the responses they were put through multiple regression tests. For this purpose, the cultural variable was recorded into three dummy variables for each of the triad countries. Findings Targeting the factors that are affecting the IS usability and are similar and different in the three selected countries ethically obtained responses. Banker’s responses were the dependent variables while culture was the independent variable. Demographics of the 520 respondents are stated next: Since the questionnaire was divided into three sections namely the employees using employers IS resources for their personal use during work, employees using employer’s IS resources for their personal use after work and employers deploying observation upon employees restricting their activities to office work only. Conclusions The c ultural variable was indeed seen as a strong factor that affected the responses of the respondents. It was observed that the three countries had a number of similarities in their ethical values. However, it was observed that there were certain disagreements as well and it was sought that negotiations and accommodations would be planned so as to minimize those differences and introduce an eventual universal code of ethics for the usability of Information Systems worldwide. ROLE OF RESEARCH METHODS IN COMPUTING Research possesses integral importance in any field of life. With respect to computer science, the domain of research becomes even more important. This is owing to the fact that computing devices have become inevitable for the human race.  

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Whether An Entrepreneur Is Born Or Made Business Essay

Whether An Entrepreneur Is Born Or Made Business Essay Entrepreneur is an individual who, operate, takes risks of a business. Which means the process of running a business by their own. Due to economic crisis through out the world these days , most of the countries are encouraging people to be and entrepreneurial which leads to increase in the jobs for the people and increase the economy of the country. People become entrepreneurs by themself to start a business when they are controlled by many factors around them. Some people want to leave their jobs and start own business and few people want to earn money sitting at home. May be some people look for the needs for a market and to meet those needs they start their own business by supplying products for the market. If they successed in this process this makes them successful entrepreneur. This paper will discuss whether an entrepreneur is born or made by analyzing the factors such as entrepreneur characteritics, roles of an entrepreneur and can an entrepreneur be taught History Who is an entrepreneur Entrepreneur is an individual or group of individuals who identify the business opportunity then try to reach the business goal or create business value through providing an innovative solution for business difficulties and also realize and accept the risks involved in the business (Wickham, 2006). Entrepreneur came from small business, now a days small business have changed the market significantly and plays an important role in the economy the example is the country like North America which has more than 50% of small business (Shinnar et al, 2009). An entrepreneur is one who creates a job, changes the market trend and identifies the business opportunities, enterpreneur are so deducated which puts their ideas into work, entrepreneur adds on extra knowledge and skills to attract the investors, partners and creditors (Hofstand, 2006). Function of an entrepreneur Entrepreneur can be described as a small business owner from an economic propective which states that, these small business forms a structure. This structure plays an important role in the economic development which improves the living and working condition (Cf. Schumacher 1973; Birch 1981; Piore and Sabel 1984). And the characteristics function of an entrepreneur can be reflected in a creative response to the changing condition as a result the new ways of development comes in existence by the entrepreneur (Schumpeter, 1947) therefore , the function of an entrepreneur is to improve the economy by doing business in an innovative way. The main tasks of an entrepreneur is to recognize the business opportunity, start of their own business, gathering funds for the start of business, advertising the business in the market, analyzing the risk and providing leadership (Wickham, 2006). Defination of entrepreneur Bolton and Thompson (2000) have defined the entrepreneur as a person who creates and innovates a recognised value of something around the perceived opportunities. Some people still chase for an opportunities to create something after they have reached a position and live a life of luxury, they cannot stop themsleves because of there natural behaviour. The recognised value can be either Economic, Social or Aesthetic capital. Entrepreneurs can be found in large corporations such as private or public sectors Social entrepreneurs have an impact on communities or community welfare for example such as double bottom welfare businesses through a social attribute or grant -dependent community initiatives. where as Aesthetic entrepreneurs deals with developments in art, music and architecture. For example they might see themselves as first and best artists, designers or architects which makes them different from others and in this process they become wealthy. Bolton and Thompson (2003) have offered a framework to difine a entrepreneur depending upon six characters they are Focus, Advantage, Creativity, Ego-inner and outer, Team, Social Focus covers target focus, time focus and action focus which provides an evidence of urgency by an entrepreneur to get on with things. Creativity involves ideas and opportunities. Advantage differentiates betweeen the value created and added. Ego has six components split into inner and outer ego the inner ego includes motivation, self-assurance and dedication. The outer ego includes responsibility, accountability and an ability to deal with set backs. Team is a distinct feature that manipulate the characteristics of focus, advantage and creativity. Social influence the nature of the business whether it is a profit or non profit business and it also effects the culture and style of an organisation in which way the employees are treated. Characteristics of an entrepreneur Education Education is an important character of an entrepreneur. Education gives an individual a lot of support and knowledge to be an entrepreneur For example, the majority of engineers worked for state governments where they were valued for technical skills but now many engineers are starting up small companies which they can develop by their own skills (Shinnar et al, 2009). Previous work experience Any individual who starts up a new business, they have a previous work experience whether they worked as managers or any other managerial positions. Moreover, any individual who has an experience can start up a new business. In addition to this, who worked abroad will have a tendency to export if once they start the business at local level. The 75% of an individual who had an experience of working as any type of managerial positions would have a tendency to become an entrepreneur (Kinsella et al, 1993). Family background If any of the parents are self-employed i.e. who have their own businesses, this increases the tendency to keep a new venture creation. And if one or both parents are self-employed, they can expose the skills, attitudes, values to their children and this will direct them to become an entrepreneur. The future entrepreneurs can take their parents as a role model; this would be no matter whether they are successful or unsuccessful. a research done by OFarrell'(1986) showed that 46% percent of the new firm founders had fathers who were self-employed at a time when 26 percent of the population was self-employed.(OGorman Cunningham,1997) Those new firms does not include the inheritance Economics change: Economics change may trigger the wave or fashion that being entrepreneurial. After the economic reform issued in 1978 (planning market to free market), most of people in Africa started their own business lead to the huge change in areas of traditional industry business. (Kanungo, 1998) For example, papermaking industry. And the people in Asia are also encouraged to start there business. Tey are few european countries effected more due to a poor natural climate; therefore the government encourages people to start their own business. It also can be interpreted as a creative response to the change condition ( Schumpeter 1947). Culture difference Culture affect plays a very important character of being an entrepreneurial in which some culture entrepreneurship is a very norm behavior. For example, the Amish is a religious group which now residence in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The culture of the group decides that they do not work with the people that do not share the same tradition, rather to make a choice of working for companies; they prefer to be self-employed or work amongst themselves. (Kanungo, 1998) It can show that when culture value or the belief of life take an important role of decision making, which makes an individual to start his own business. Previous work experience Any individual who starts up a new business, they have a previous work experience whether they worked as managers or any other managerial positions. Moreover, any individual who has an experience can start up a new business. In addition to this, who worked abroad will have a tendency to export if once they start the business at local level. The 75% of an individual who had an experience of working as any type of managerial positions would have a tendency to become an entrepreneur (Kinsella et al, 1993). Birth in a family In a family, children who are first born in a family have more chances to take an entrepreneur carrier. The reason is that because they get more attention and encouragement from their parents. The survey done by Hisrich, involving over 400 female entrepreneurs found that 50% were first born. Gender differences Every human being thinks differently according to their mental and physical abilitys. The male and female conceiving and using their mind would be different in their behaviours and their attitudes and their personal background. In addition to this, the tendency to become an entrepreneur would be high in males when compare to females. Females have low aggressiveness to start up a business rather than males (Al-Harby et al, 2009). Roles of an individual to be an entrepreneur Innovativeness Innovation is one of the important character of an entrepreneur which includes creating of new products or new quality, creating new methods of production to get into the market or to create a new organisation or structure in business. A successful innovation demands a will which is, it demands the leader of the innovation (Hansemark, 1998). Innovativeness is a behavior of a person which characterizes the difference between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial orientation (Entrialgo et al., 2000). Innovation is a systematic search for opportunities in new market,produts or ideas (Cromie, 2000; Utsch and Rauch, 2000). Need for achievement The theory of McClelland (1961) on the need for achievement is one of the most applied theories on entrepreneurship which suggest that, the need for achievement forces the person to struggle for the success (Sagie and Elizur, 1999). A person who as a strong need for achievement can solve problems themselves, set targets and achieve the targets by their own efforts and they also deliver high performance in achieveing the tasks and innovative in doing things (Littunen, 2000; Utsch and Rauch, 2000). Locus of control Locus of control is also an important character which is related to a individual as whether he or she can handle the events in life (Leone and Burns, 2000). An individual with external locus of control belive beyond the circumstances like luck and fate, where as individual with internal locus of control belives in personal control events and effects in lives (Koh, 1996; Riipinen, 1994; Hansemark, 1998). For an individual to become a entrepeneur he should have a internal locus of control. Risk taking tendency Risk taking tendency refers to an individual who can handle or avoid the risks in a situations when needed. An enterpreneur is associated with risk, Chantilon (1755) report suggest that the main factor of differentiating entrepreneurs from a employed workers was a dout and risk involved by the former (Entrialgo et al., 2000; Thomas and Mueller, 2000). The difference between the manager and the entrepreneur in a business activities are entrepreneur personally takes all the risks an profits involved in the business howevery an individual who is in uncertain environment causes risks related to financial well-being,career opportunities, family relations and emotional state (Erdem, 2001; Brockhaus, 1980; Littunen, 2000). Tolerance for ambiguity Uncertainty occurs when there is an insufficient data. An individual should respond positively to ambiguous situations. People with low level of tolerence for ambiguity find uncertain and unstructured situation more complicated. Entrepreneurail managers are belived to tolerate ambiguity better than the conservative mangers in the organisations because entrepreneurail managers face a less structured , more uncertain set of possibilities and bear the whole responsibilities for decision making (Entrialgo et al., 2000). Self confidence An individual should have a self confidence because they work on complete demanding tasks Cromie (2000) suggest that self confidence is an outcome of an entrepreneurship an entrepreneur demonstrates a higher degree of self confidence when compared to others (Koh, 1996; Robinson et al., 1991). Positive motions Many researches suggested that feelings and activeness of personality are motive forces for all human creations. The positive motions affect the variables called feelings and emotions which is a link between them and they are analysed in different environments. The positive motion indicates the positive feeling which promotes creativity. Creativity Creativity performs a link between positive motion and innovation and also performs a link between creativity and starting up a new venture. Creativity is considered as one of the most important factors for creation of new venture which is created by individuals and called as entrepreneurs. It includes the outcomes generated by creativity. Many business ideas are generated by creativity but the creation should be in such a way that they are commercially feasible to implement the ideas into real world (Baron et al, 2009). There are few factors influencing the creation of new ventures. The factors are as follows (Tidd et al, 2005). Understanding the opportunity Entrepreneur is one who explores for changes, responds to it and searches for an opportunity. The opportunity describes the area of need or challenge on which the problems should be focused. And problems should generate answers to bring the key information and feelings etc. (Bessant et al, 2007). Community culture The community culture itself tells about how entrepreneurship is influenced. The cultural differences show the base of different levels of entrepreneurship. The culture community gives the status to those who are entrepreneurial (Berger, 1992). Technology and markets A technical standard is ordered by a legislative body and measure the rule which is enforced by an authority or by a committee or by a market. Entrepreneur controls the standards for a specification like micro computer interfaces. The standards explain the private and public conditions. When a standard is coming out into public view, government control the standards like metre length etc. Market will change the trade as slowly improves the business with the standard technology used by entrepreneur. This focuses on the private gain rather the public gain (Berger, 1983). Can entrepreneurship be taught? Education of entrepreneurship has a positive correlation. (Mancuso Mascolo, 1987) therefore, nowadays more and more course are to design for entrepreneurship education, and to identify whether the content taught in school has a positive correspondence with the practice of an entrepreneur, Bush, Edelman and Manolova conducted the research which show that only nearly half of the start-up activities were discussed in the teaching content. It implies that there are still some areas have not taken into accounts for its lack of teaching experience or lack of the full research on the relation between entrepreneur and teaching context. Not only the skills of the activities such theories involved in start-up enterprise can be taught in the context (Bush Edelman Manolova, 2008) but also students needs to be trained in practical study. Especially to the student with engineering background, since most of them may not passion for a theoretical practice based course, it is important to enable them with the theory to the real practice, working with different people generate more new ideas and being creative. (Ulijn, Aaltio, Menzel,2007). Conculsion The above discussion tells about that there is no exact definition of the entrepreneur. And also identifies that there is no exact proof of entrepreneur is born or made. Entrepreneurs are made with specified characteristics like education influences to be an entrepreneur but also born with specified background or followed by hereditary business. But above literature suggests that entrepreneurs are made, they are not born. A success in entrepreneur achieves with combination of characteristics and roles . Few researchers identified that entrepreneurs are born and not made. The research findings may differ from one person to another but some researchers also specified that entrepreneurs are made and not born. Bolton, W.K. and Thompson, J.L. (2000), Entrepreneurs: Talent, Temperament, Technique, Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford. Bolton, W.K. and Thompson, J.L. (2003), The Entrepreneur in Focus: Achieve your potential, Thomson, London.