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'In what ways can the Lewes Bonfire Festival be described as a Essay

'In what ways can the Lewes Bonfire Festival be described as a theatrical event' - Essay Example A professional doctor playing the same role is not taken as being dramatic. Non dramatic theatrical works are used by performers to entertain and excite the audience. A theatrical performance has certain characteristics that make it conform to the theories of theater and performances. In order for an event to be classified as a theatrical event, it must have certain theatrical elements such as performers and a targeted audience. It also has to be carefully planned and rehearsed, has to occur at a particular place at a specified time, and must have objectives that ought to be met at the end of the performance (Gordon, 2006). The Lewes bonfire festival is one of the most celebrated nights of festivities in the UK. This event has so many similarities with theatrical performances that have led to spectators classifying it as one. The event involves a series of celebrations occurring in Lewes, in East Sussex, United Kingdom (Clark, 2009). Lewes town has come to be known as the Bonfire cap ital of the world due to the festival involving the largest and most famous bonfire night. The bonfire night is also known as the Guy Fawkes Night (Clark, 2009). The event is held annually on the 5th of November to commemorate the uncovering of the Gunpowder plot that happened in 1605 as well as recalling the seventeen martyrs of the Protestant Church that were burnt to death at the stake for their Christian faith under the leadership of the Catholic Queen Mary (Clark, 2009). If the 5th of November happens to be a Sunday, the event is celebrated on Saturday, the 4th of November. The event involves six different societies putting up parades and lighting firework displays. About 3,000 people take part in the celebration each year. The festival attracts up to 80,000 spectators who visit Lewes town during the festivities. This is far beyond the normal population of the small market town, which is usually 16,000 people. The celebrations include processions by the societies from Lewes and the surrounding villages, remembering the dead as well as bonfire prayers (The Lewes Bonfire Festival, 2009). During the processions, most of the members carry torches, others ignite and drop bangers while other participants carry banners, burning crosses or musical instruments. The large crowds that the events have attracted in recent years have necessitated inputs from the Emergency services, the Lewes bonfire council and local authorities so as to ensure safety of everyone attending the festival. The Lewes Bonfire Festival possesses many features that qualify it as a theatrical event. It includes all the elements of a theatrical piece of work, such as the time, location, performers and elaborate stories to a witnessing audience. On the order of time, The Lewes Bonfire Festival is a seasonal event happening on a specified date and time. The event occurs on the night of the 5th of November. The other characteristic that makes this festival a theatrical event is the type of space. This includes a specified location where the event takes place. The festival takes place in the small town of Lewes, East Sussex, in the UK (The Lewes Bonfire Festival, 2009). One other major element of theatricals that this event has is that of performers and spectators.

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