Monday, July 29, 2019

Geological history of Western side of North Yorkshire Essay

Geological history of Western side of North Yorkshire - Essay Example The area is largely composed of valleys which drain most of the Pennine moorland and it is composed of other smaller dales supporting the same course (Lott 1983). Generally, the geology of the area is composed of the carboniferous strata with its nature in the Lithological form experiencing successive changes right from the north of the area to the south (Dunham, Stubblefield & James 1944). This is necessitated by the fact that there are major fault lines separating the two regions forming the topography of the area in addition to the intrusion of the granite forming the deepest depth which creates the mountain ranges of the area including the Black Hills. The rocks of the area are of different ages with the old rocks majorly being composed of the lower Paleozoic age underlying the carboniferous dynamisms, which covers most of the area. The Paleozoic aged rocks, on the other hand, crop out slightly in the western fringes in form of small inliers in areas such as the craven moor, stum p cross caverns and the high crag. The opposite of the topography is the side composed of the hills with the exposure of the rocks in the west deeply buried making the two regions distinct in terms of the geological makeup (Ashbourn 2010). Furthermore, in the western side of the North Yorkshir

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