Sunday, July 28, 2019

Robin hood case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Robin hood - Case Study Example As it is clear now, the band has begun to exceed food capacity, it means no more people will join the band and probably some of the ones within may also decide to leave. This will only weaken Robin against the Sheriff; hence, he needs a stronger economic background. It is a common say that two hands are better than one, and this is fact that works well for political agendas where tyranny of numbers is needed. Therefore, socio culturally, Robin needs to create a network of genuine supporters with whom they share similar agenda that they would want to change if given chance to. He therefore needs to create a very big band of men and consider involving everyone through reasonable agenda. Robin is in a point where he needs to treat all information with the importance that it requires. At this particular time, he needs to be at the receiving end of all the information around the area. He therefore needs to improve on the vigilance so that he is able to tap and filter all the important and relevant information for the purposes of his preparation. He therefore requires the use of technological advancement in the telecommunication sector to aim at achieving information vigilance. In a nutshell, Robin needs to know that he can only win his opposition to the Sheriff when working together with people. He requires a lot of transparency, togetherness and giving yourself out for the service of others. He also needs to be economically and politically empowered to blend his good and readiness to serve

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