Friday, September 13, 2019

Effective Sales Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Effective Sales Management - Essay Example The delegation of daily activities can be adjusted according to the human traffic or the manning hours in the region under consideration. A sales person in the field can estimate the right time and the right season to market a product. He can give a valuable feedback of the fast moving products and the slow moving. A regular analysis of the sales feedback, the existing competitors, the products volume in the market, reveals some interesting facts about the customers' tastes, customers requirements and customer expectations leading to a more refined innovations and valuable predictions to regulate the sales operations in the future. The volume of business achieved in different periods can create an idea on how we need to place our products in near future to sustain the market fluctuations. The customers are always hard to retain and new customers do creep into the list of clients as the value of the products spreads in the market. A sales person has to on look the existing customers' network and he needs to explore on the new possible clients acquisition by the able management of existing clients. The new clients' acquisition can not be achieved overnight but it requires a dedicated effort from the existing sales professionals and parallel promotional efforts to introduce the products to new customers at large. For example the booming aviation business in India due to the increase in the number of low cost airlines, for niche products like the airline products the turn around will be more than year. The pharmaceutical products and medical equipments products tests your ability to maintain a sustainable relationship with client. A customer lost is a loss of a life time in such industries. The best methods to attract new customers The best viable methods wood be the word of mouth promotion indirectly by the existing customers. A client has to be carefully monitored regarding his requirements and expectation now and then to make him fell comfortable with the existing products line. The second best customer enticing program would be organizing and participating in the conferences and activities of the client in order to make them feel more secure with your association. How do you add value to a product or service besides raising the price A quality product will never be denied by a customer. An organization has to consistently highlight the features of the product to make the clients differentiate between the competitors product. The promotional

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