Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Graduation Speech: Live Your Dream :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

The times before now have all been in preparation, preparation not only for this day but for the rest of our lives. We have all learned many lessons, which have helped to shape who we are. Starting way back in elementary school we began to discover that ... Riding the school bus went out of style by the fifth grade. That the most embarrassing part of the day was calling your teacher mom. That not eating the tuna burgers really wouldn't help to save the dolphins. And we finally began to realize that all the boys didn't have cooties. By middle school there were a whole new set of rules to be learned. That just because a relationship lasted a week didn't mean it was long term. That clothes bought from value village tended to have a really weird smell. That skipping class to sit in the bathroom wasn't really quite as cool as we thought it was. Finally we reached high school, the time we'd dreamed about and looked up to for most of our lives. We thought we knew what it was all about just because we had watched hours of reruns of "Saved by the Bell." We soon learned that ... Driving 15 miles over the speed limit isn't legal. That parents' clocks are always too fast especially if it's past curfew. That dads love you enough to sit through all the games and the awards nights. That it is possible for three girls to change a flat tire. Moms do know what's best, even if I haven't quite figured that one out yet. Oh and all people don't always find blonde jokes funny. But through all of our trials and learning experiences we've developed our true selves. Our future is now at the door and we must knock on it. I'm not up here today because I'm a super genius nor do I have anything close to perfect SAT scores. I am up here today because I am dedicated and motivated.

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