Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Project Motorcycles Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Project Motorcycles - Assignment Example According to PRWeb (2013), the Motorcycle, Bikes and Parts industry has entered the maturity stage and it is shifting its focus on the international trade. There is an increasing demand for low-cost and fuel-efficient motorcycles by the customers as they have less disposable income. In 2009, the industry revenue declined by 37.3% (Molavi, 2010) and it is forecasted that the trend will continue in the next five years to 2012 with declining percentage of 6.7% every year (â€Å"PRWeb†, 2013). Likewise, it is expected that there will be a change in the target customer as the young people are looking for the motorcycles. Previously, only old people aged above 45 years were demanding these products. With easy access to the countries where production can be done on a cheap level, the companies within the industry are employing the production processes which will save their costs and allow them to earn a huge amount of profit. There are various types of organizations in the business world but the three main forms of companies which are idle for project management purposes are functional organizations, matrix organizations and pure project management organizations (Bobera, 2008). Considering the scenario of the company, the best structure is the matrix one as it allows the managers to keep a balanced focus on both existing and new projects. Since the company is planning to manage its middleweight motorcycle and large motorcycle businesses simultaneously, the matrix structure will make sure that both projects are efficiently managed. Other positive aspects of the matrix organization for the company are that the resources can be shared among various projects, the project manager makes sure that the project work is coordinated and integrated with other units, the resources are effectively balanced to make sure that the costs and quality requirements are sufficiently met and at the end of the project the anxiety of project members is

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