Monday, August 26, 2019

Philosophy of Sleep and Habit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Philosophy of Sleep and Habit - Essay Example   Individuals are almost rational in our choices. People make decisions. Being irrationally rational is absurd. Even though sometimes people follow the demands of their desires but when the brain is engaged, people can make rational decisions unless they are oblivious of the knowledge or wisdom needed to make a decision.It is true that most of the choices individuals make in life are habitual. Habits follow desires and people usually like activities that are habitual, because if fulfils their satisfaction. However, not all habits are good for health. To control following the habitual demands, one has to be aware of the habit to make informed and sound decisions. Only after being aware of the consequences of the habit can on engage the reasoning mind and make rational decisions.Even though the concept of reward and penalty might sound or might even appear practicable, it is improper to use financial reward or penalty to install a good habit or give up a bad one by strengthening will power. Decisions are made from a sound and conscious mind. It takes acceptance and will to make a rational decision and filter what to accept as a good habit and discard that regarded as a bad one.Personal commitment contract in an Islamic point of view could mean coming into a personal contract, agreement or covenant with one’s self toward fulfilling a specific task or goal. It is like having a diving interaction with one’s self and promising to accomplish a goal – a goal, which you must commit to henceforth.   

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