Friday, August 9, 2019

What Is Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

What Is Management - Essay Example As factual as it is, no organization can exist and progress without a steady stream of managers. Management ranges from small enterprises to multinational companies. Therefore, for any organization or institution to achieve its goal, hiring experienced and quality managers are a factor to consider. The Australian standard claims that management is an organizational discipline of controlling records to meet the company’s needs. Management involves regulating, directing and inspecting work in general. Management is usually the manager's job because he is the one who organizes all the activities that run in the company. The manager also controls all levels of staff in order to make sure that the right job is done at the right time. Therefore, for an organization to have an organized work force it should hire a good manager. This is very essential because, a good manager brings out good management and vice versa. Why it is hard to do management well? The style in which managers ha ndle their responsibilities and duties will influence the effort spent and the level of performance achieved by staff. The manager should have a good relationship with the staff for smooth running of an organization(Griffin & Moorehead 2012:22). By relating and interacting with the staff, the manager will understand the psychological problems of the employees, hence reducing absenteeism and lateness. Consequently, this will lead to easy management, smooth running in the organization, higher production and huge profits as the outcome. Lack of good leadership also hinders the well being of management. This is because a leader should be a reflection of positivity. He should have the ability to lead and impact the organization at the same time. Therefore, a leader should acquire a unique set of personal values and ideas. Concerning the leader’s responsibilities to the organization, an effective leader must realize that he has a responsibility of molding some employees to become t he future leaders. Good leadership must ensure continuity by up building the young and less experienced employees. More so, leaders should portray passion in what they do and seek to instill passion and enthusiasm in their staff. Motivated employees deliver the best services which lead to customer satisfaction and better sales (Griffin & Moorhead, 2012:65). Therefore, an effective manager should find out the least performing department and its staff, and outline the reason of low productivity. The manager should then strategize on the best way to motivate the staff member to improve productivity. Another way of motivating employees is by letting them give their opinions. By doing so, the manager will understand how to manage them better. There are many types of motivating staff. The first way is to allow them to present their ideas by installing a suggestion box. Another way of motivating employees is by rewarding the best performing employees (Griffin & Moorehead, 2012:159). By doi ng so, employees will feel appreciated and will work harder. In another aspect, a manager may motivate his staff by enrolling them in seminars and workshops. All these types of motivation will make the employees feel more appreciated and cared for by the organization. Therefore, the company’s management should ensure on continuous motivation targeting the overall organizational goals, and supportive approaches to the employer's needs. However, motivation of staff just like any other aspect has the other side of negativity. This negativity arises when individuals among the staff try all means to find favor in the eyes of the manager, leading to unnecessary completion and even

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