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World War I Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

World War I - Essay Example Firstly, no other war has involved governments, societies and populations of the participating nations in its service to such an extent. It was truly a war of nations marked by tremendous enthusiasm, youthful volunteerism, and industrial mobilization, a mixture of anxiety and elation and nationalism (Bartov, n.p). The war demonstrated the power and intellect of the modern and industrialized states and accompanied drastic political and social changes. It brought the whole nation to the home front; men, women, soldiers, government, and ministers everyone was involved in it. The war evoked the sense of patriotism no other war had been able to bring out, and it reorganized societies to participate in it in an economic, social and spiritual sense (Bartov, n.p). People believed and supported their nations at the cost of their lives because they believed that the victory of their country was worth the cost. â€Å"All the horrors of all the ages were brought together; not only, armies but w hole populations were thrust into the midst of them.† (MacElroy 16). Second most important reason for it being called a total war was its impact on the industrial revolution. It was the first global industrial war which was dominated by industrial weaponry, tanks, machine guns and militarism. As Omer Bartov has described in the first few pages of chapter 1 of his book, â€Å"Mirrors Of Destruction† that World War I brought with itself a new style of warfare not even perceived by the people who were fighting it (Bartov, n.p). The war had in itself an extraordinary expression of devotion not just to the nationalism but also to the notion of the war itself (Bartov, n.p). 2. Why World War I was considered different than conflicts in previous decades? World War I was considered different because it changed the tactics used by all countries earlier. It was the first time modern machinery, trenches and poison gas was used on the battlefield (â€Å"World War I†). This wa r was marked with an era of change brought by it as everything was changed from uniforms to training of soldiers. Particular battalions were used to fight this special battle, and it was the first conflict in which attrition was used against the enemy. Field's artillery was used to defend the enemy. The entire way of fighting battle was changed. Even the international system was completely transformed. On one side, dictatorship emerged out of the war, whereas on the other side, a communist movement emerged backed by the Soviet Union. It was at this time that America became a world power, and the British Empire lost its status from being the world power to the second-class power (â€Å"World War I†). Moreover, the war brought with it the break of the major participators when it was decided at the peace conference of 1919 to break the defeated central powers (â€Å"World War I†). WWI was marked with an industrial revolution faced by no other war before and was fought on such a huge scale that no other war had incorporated so many participators as world war I did. The consequences and effects of this war outspread to every corner of the land, and the specialized armies at the front contained members of every social group and region of the country. 3. WHY WAS THIS WAR CALLED TO BE A WAR WITHOUT END? World War I was a war colossal by its very nature. The war never ended in its real essence but gave birth to many unfinished stories. It brought with it massive destruction, killing of millions of people, collapse of four major empires and devastation of many continents, and its repercussions spread to many nations. It is called a war without end because it paved the road to World War II

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