Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Recommending a Project Management Plan Research Paper

Recommending a Project Management Plan - Research Paper Example Most of their outlets operate in posh areas, which is why the rates are a little higher than in other fast food restaurants. One thing that goes in their favor is that when it comes to pricing, they can sell at a higher rate due to their brand loyalty. Customers love the taste of their burgers and they pay extra to taste their delicious burgers. But for this project, a glitch came up when it was discovered that market campaign must also attract health conscious people; veggie burgers and rolls will also need to be included in the advertisement. A budget of under $60,000 has been allocated to the project manager and the team for billboard advertisements. Cost saving will be made as the in-house designer will be employed by the PM for designing the boards. The main cost is renting the billboard space for the first week of the sales. It is a very competitive project where all the revenues need to be regenerated within the first week from the sales of the product. This is very much possi ble by quality advertisement and most importantly, the taste or success of the new cheese steak burger. All appropriate pricing, budgeting and trade off analysis have been incorporated to deliver a quality finish to the project. Project Scope Project scope is the sum of all works needed to be accomplished in order to achieve the scope of the project. It would be better to define the scope of the project, namely: products, services and results (Kerzner, 2009). For this task, the new burger flavor is a steak burger with a different cheese flavor, and the XYZ Corporate needs the help of a project manager to promote this product so that it would constitute as a lucrative addition to their burger variety. The product here is the burger. The service that needs to be provided is designing of billboards and the end result that the XYZ Corporate is looking for is an increase in the sale of the new item. The Learning Curves Learning curve or the experience curve plots the learning dexterity a gainst time spent in learning something. For this project, the learning curves will be refined as the company already owns a successful food business. They are only introducing a new food item (burger). The existing leering curves determine the future shape of the project’s performance. That is why it can be easily predicted that learning curves will give positive economic output against the time spent. The chef who brought the idea of the new cheese burger to the board room already has the experience of making those burgers; however the other kitchen staff needs to learn the perfect combination of the stake and cheese to make the project learning curves smoother. Quality Management Plan for the Project Overall quality management plan for this project revolves around the production of the food items (cheese burgers and shakes). The company already has a good reputation about the quality of its food; the project manager only needs to maintain the standards already set out by t he company. However, the quality of the new cheese flavor will be of much concern as the project manager will be the one bearing the prime responsibility for the quality of the cheese. Moreover, there is a limit to the fat content of the burger, if the content goes over the limit of fat in a burger, then the quality will certainly drop down. The fat content limit

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